Technical Solutions

OSOL Technical Solutions covers both Engineering Solutions and Specialized Supply Services.
Engineering Solutions provides complete engineering analysis, design, and supply services in the Sustainable efficiency area which covers:
  • Efficient and clean energy production, especially utilizing locally accessible Renewable Energy  sources.
  • Analyzing and identifying the best opportunities for Smart Utilization of available energy, and the energy savings methods ranging from equipment selection, control, and maintenance actions.
  • Identifying Waste Energy Recovery  opportunities and needed systems to enable best utilization of otherwise wasted energy.
  • Selection and Supply of Energy-Optimized Industrial Components and Consumables.  

Selected Technologies in focus :
  • Affordable Clean Electric Transport Solutions
  • Smart and "Net Zero Energy Buildings" Technologies
  • Microgrids for decentralized power generation
  • Low temperature Waste Heat Recovery using ORC
  • Industrial water heating using Solar Energy 
  • Solar Powered Water Desalination Systems

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